First one-man exhibition of Marat 'Morik' Danilian in RuArtsGallery

Marat Morik, one of the most notable Russian artists who has become from the graffiti community, is an organizer of graffiti festival “Paint Methods” in Siberia. Pointedly for the RuArtsGallery he is producing more than 20 new works vividly combining abstraction and figurative art. The exposition which the writer has decided not to set a specific topic limit on will be supplied with video works made in cooperation with a painter Kirill Rave and a musician Anton Maskeliade. The expo will be thematically divided into series – erotic icons reconceiving realistic painting tradition, collective travelling impressions done in mixed method as well as 6 dimensional works canvases for which plywood, hardboard and paper objects will serve.

Marat Morik: « I don’t feel minimal art, don’t like the quiet. The aesthetics and the form I pay more attention to rather than to the content but it doesn’t mean my works are of no value. I put so much my back into working with color, composition, general atmosphere and work aura. I try to avoid timely and quickly fading ideas like constantly looming politics. I don’t reserve the right to open people’s eyes, bring up or tell how to live. In other words I am rather an observer than a situation participant »

Марат Морик: «Я не чувствую минимализм, не люблю тишину. Эстетике и форме уделяю больше внимания, нежели содержанию, но это не значит, что мои работы пустые. Очень много энергии я закладываю в работу с цветом, композицией, общей атмосферой и настроением работы. Стараюсь избегать временные и быстро теряющие актуальность темы, например, вечно маячащую перед глазами политику. Я не оставляю за собой такого права – открывать людям глаза, воспитывать или учить жить. То есть, я больше наблюдатель, нежели участник ситуации»

October 5 — November 5
RuArts Gallery
1st Zachatievsky per. , 10