Documentary film “Girl Power” releasing in Trekhgorka recreation centre

Director: Sany, Jan Zajicek (2009–2016)

Girls Power is a unique documentary showing international women’s graffiti-stage from all over the world – from Prague to Moscow, Cape Town, Sydney, Madrid, Berlin, Barcelona, Toulouse and right to New York. Graffiti community is mainly a men’s world where there is a popular opinion the graffiti (especially illegal one) is not a women’s business. But women around the world have become even more emancipated: “Girls Power“ tells about female graffiti artists who have gained recognition and achieved success in men’s graffiti world.

However the film is something bigger and more important than just an ordinary graffiti microworld vision – it’s a living story told by Czech graffiti writer Sany who decided to give alternative to subcultural female artists to express their art vision. In the film there are a lot of biographical moments: Sany’s double life where she needs to go to work and communicate with unsuspecting family and to write graffiti in a night city. The spectator meets the author and main character’s routine, her hobbies, drives, failures and extraordinary persistency in reaching her goals. The film is full of drive, picturesque sights, night trips and trains and, of course, many graffiti girl-writers’ interviews many of whom have already become legendary.

September 24
Dk Tryohgorka
Rochdelskaya Street , 15 , pp . 12a