#project64 Independence in «Оptics» pavilion at VDNKh

One of flagship Biennale events is #project64 Independence in«Оptics» pavilion №64 at VDNKh. The expo earned 12 leading Russian street artists comments voicing consumer society criticism.

With manifestation against hyperconsuming and seeming abundance the most powerful street-art artists came out. Among them: iconic Misha Most, Zoom who has already been tagged to be Moscow Banksy, Vova Nootk deeply involved in graffiti-culture starting since the 1990s, Petro inspired by constructivists’ and suprematists’ heritage, Eloom basing his approach on surrealistic motifs, as well as Аndrey Kasai, Аndrey Adno, Slak, Ivan Ninety, Slava Ptrk, Аnatoly Аkuе, Еvgeni Zhelvakov, Аndrey Оlenev and Stas Dobryy.

Disclosing key consumerism agents – poverty, war, senium and social isolation fears, street art acts as one of the most effective formats overcoming “high” art practical inefficiency.

September 15 — January 18
VDNH, 64 Pavilion
«Оptics» pavilion №64 at VDNKh