Discussion in “Tsvetnoy” — «Street artists’ and brands collaboration: to save the freedom or to sell soul to the devil?»

Speakers: Martha Cooper, Marcelo Pimentel & Marina Botoluzzi (Instagrafite), Giacomo Run, Dima Aske (vltramarine), Petro Aesthetics, Pokras Lampas (online from St. Petersburg), Denis Rukhlin (Absolut)

Michael Oger is moderator of the discussion.

The art doesn’t exist in vacuum and just a few artists can afford working with independent projects only. Many contemporary street-art artists and illustrators successfully cooperate with famous brands performing their ambassadors developing prints, dealing with commercial dressing. What does an artist get and what does he or she have to refuse due to the cooperation?

How to preserve freedom as the ability to provocation? The discussion participants will gather to answer these questions considering landmark collaborations’ precedents as well as to share observation experience between art and commerce, ideas and customer interests balance. In the conversation famous brands representatives, street artists and producers are taking part.

August 27
Tsvetnoy Central Market
15, building 1 Tsvetnoy boulevard