METAFORMS expo in Modern Art Centre MARS

METAFORMS expo created by ARTMOSPHERE artists spoke to the MARS center visitors will be prolonged as a special street art Biennale project. This is the 1st expo in Russia where virtual reality is used, where modern digital technologies meet street art and illustrating.

The experimental expo where street-art painters and illustrators like Nootk, Misha Most, Aesthetics (Petro/Slak), Pokras Lampas, Aber, Alexey Kio & Ivan Benr, ZhZh show themselves in an extraordinary meta form before the audience: their works are displayed into two realities at the same time – in the virtual world created by Samsung Gear VR and the real space of Modern Art Centre MARS. The exposition «Metаforms» is a massive street artists’ and leading street-art experts’ collaboration and interactive developments studio “Interactive lab”. Street-art artists’ works pointedly produced for the expo are exhibited in a real space: their virtual world can be seen with VR headsets help. The immersion lets the visitors to feel being artists in the work creation process. Furthermore such approach is an experiment for the artists themselves who by chance got the opportunity to draw in 3D space but on a flat surface. Intentionally for the expo the artists have done their best to address to earlier unexplored forms and genres by them.

September 1 — October 30
Сenter Mars
Pushkarev Pereulok 5