A lecture course by street art theorist Dmitri Aske

Dmitri Aske is a prominent new age artists’ representative who started creative development writing in the street. By the mid-2000s Dmitri joined Russian graffiti avant-garde then using the experience in illustrating and digital graphic art. The artist’s works were exhibited at displays in Moscow, Antwerpen, Cancun, London, Mannheim and San Francisco and were also published in books on graffiti, topographics, illustration and modern art.

Dmitri invented unconventional usage mode for his last year grant after the auction supporting the street art RuArts foundation and the 1st street-art Biennale ARTMOSPHERE: «To write a front elevation or to create some art object in a public space would be interesting of course but it’s even more interesting to systematize the knowledge I have stored during writing years and graffiti editor-in-charge work, got when interacting with Russian and foreign writers, painters, publishers, curators and to get the message to the mainstream audience in an understandable format. It is going to be the first coherent story experience around the history, development and nowadays street art situation in the world and Russia in particular.

November 1 — December 31
RuArts Gallery
1 Zachatievskiy st., 10