«Invisible wall»: the main project of the 2nd street art Biennale ARTMOSPHERE

This year 42 foreign and 26 Russian artists who have been formed inspired by street art are going to be introduced at the capital’s central exhibition area in Moscow Manege. This will be a multicuratorial project: international curators, museums and galleries are presenting the artists whose main specialty is street art. Each of those is representing that street art layer he or she works with and considers to be interesting to show. The project is of a unique nature– all the works will be made by the artists during art residencies in Moscow.

Main program curators in «Manege»: Wunderkammern Gallery (Italy), Underdogs Gallery (Portugal), Berlin street art museum “Urban Nation” curator Yasha Young, a collector, the head of urban art agency “Le Grand Jeu” Christian Omodeo (France), Marcin Rutkiewicz (Poland), Sasha Krolikova (the Czech Republic), Dmitri Aske in curatorial group of graffiti portal Vltramarine (Moscow), street art summit “Living Walls” (the USA), art connection “The Art Union” (Germany), alliance “Instagrafite” (Brazil), Moscow Museum of Modern Art.

The topic of the 2nd street art Biennale ARTMOSPHERE is the Invisible wall. A wall being an internal limitations metaphor as well as a street-art symbol is its natural development environment, self-expression and high-grade transformations ground. The project mission is to inspire to continuous experimenting, own rules creating and converting challenges into springboards.

The headliners are: Miss Van, having grown in street-art cradle, in Barcelona, and having denied the stereotype that street art is an exclusive man business, Spy, brilliantly works with city context and widely recognized style of The London police duet. Their works have bombed all cosmopolises streets.

The full list of foreign participants: Akacorleone, Alex Senna, Brad Downey, Chu (Doma), Orilio (Doma), Claudio Ethos, Demsky, Derek Bruno, Filippo Minelli, Finok, Galo, Gola, Hot Tea, Ian Cox aka Wallkandy, Jaz, Jessie and Katey, Johannes Mundinger, L'Atlas, LiHill, LX One, M-city, Ma Ce Ca, Mario Mankey, Martha Cooper, Miss Van, Nespoon, Millo, Pablo Benzo, Pastel, Paulo Ito, Proembrion, Remed, Remi Rough, Rub Kandy, Run, Sepe, Sickboy, Smash 137, Sozyone Gonsales, Spy, The London Police, Thomas Canto, Trek Matthews, Wes 21.

Among Russian artists of the main project chosen through open competition Biennale you will be able to see the already famous Moscow street works of Zoom’ and art-group «Zlye», Moscow graffiti oldtimer Vova Nootk’, a young Mordovia artist Ivan Ninety, the author of Pink Power project Yulia Vanifatieva аs well as Аndrei Аdno, Аnatoly Аkue, Stas Bags, Darion Shabbash, Кirill Basalaev, Аbel, Vladimir Аbikh, Аleksandra Кuznetsova, Еlena Shubentseva and Мisha Buryj.

In curatorial group Vltramarine block as well as in the course of special projects Dmitri Aske, Alexei Luka, Petro, Iliya Slak, Vitalii Sy, Pavel Rtue, Misha Most, Pasha 183 will be shown.

August 30 — September 9
Central Manege
1, Маnezhnaya Square