Expo in ZILART Hall: the results of open public art contest “ZILART in the city”
November 29 — December 23
ZILART Hall ground
Avtozavodskaya 22

In November in ZILART Hall there will be exhibited works of sculptors and architects — the finalists of the open public art contest «ZILART in the city» which is run as part of street art Biennale sponsored by development company «LSR Group». Next year from one to three public art projects considered the winners will be placed in Moscow city space in the locations offered by the artists themselves as well as jury experts.

Special showcase AES+F trilogy
November 29
ZILART Hall ground
Avtozavodskaya 22

On that evening in ZILART Hall ground in Moscow there will be shown a brilliant piece of art-group AES+F«The Liminal Space Trilogy», the first performance of which was in 2012 in DVR “Manege”. The trilogy consists of three video installations each of those is an independent piece of art – Last Riot (2007), The Feast of Trimalchio (2009–2010) и Allegoria Sacra (2011).

Slava Ptrk’s solo show “I’m here alone”
November 15 — December 4
Gallery 11.12,4th Syromyatnicheskiy per. , 1, p . 6

Slava Ptrk’s easel paintings are created according to the very same canons as his street art: they shift perspective to the surface, create volume, space and depth. Objects found in various Russian and foreign cities serve as canvases. The exhibition is a reflection on human loneliness and unites all of the artist’s key methods: the rejection and deletion of all excess from his work; asceticism and visual nihilism.

A lecture course by street art theorist Dmitri Aske
November 1 — December 31
RuArts Gallery
1 Zachatievskiy st., 10

Dmitri Aske is a prominent new age artists’ representative who started creative development writing in the street. By the mid-2000s Dmitri joined Russian graffiti avant-garde then using the experience in illustrating and digital graphic art. The artist’s works were exhibited at displays in Moscow, Antwerpen, Cancun, London, Mannheim and San Francisco and were also published in books on graffiti, topographics, illustration and modern art.

First one-man exhibition of Marat 'Morik' Danilian in RuArtsGallery
October 5 — November 5
RuArts Gallery
1st Zachatievsky per. , 10

Marat Morik, one of the most notable Russian artists who has become from the graffiti community, is an organizer of graffiti festival “Paint Methods” in Siberia.

Documentary film “Girl Power” releasing in Trekhgorka recreation centre
September 24
Dk Tryohgorka
Rochdelskaya Street , 15 , pp . 12a

Girls Power is a unique documentary showing international women’s graffiti-stage from all over the world – from Prague to Moscow, Cape Town, Sydney, Madrid, Berlin, Barcelona, Toulouse and right to New York. Graffiti community is mainly a men’s world where there is a popular opinion the graffiti (especially illegal one) is not a women’s business. But women around the world have become even more emancipated: “Girls Power“ tells about female graffiti artists who have gained recognition and achieved success in men’s graffiti world.

ARTMOSPHERE art-маrket in department store «Tsvetnoy»
September 22 — September 25
Tsvetnoy Central Market
15, building 1 Tsvetnoy boulevard

Visitors to the art-market in “Tsetnoy” will have the opportunity to obtain the works of famous artists, who have left graffiti-stages and are exhibiting in galleries, at reasonable prices which are at times lower than auction estimates.

#project64 Independence in «Оptics» pavilion at VDNKh
September 15 — January 18
VDNH, 64 Pavilion
«Оptics» pavilion №64 at VDNKh

One of flagship Biennale events is #project64 Independence in«Оptics» pavilion №64 at VDNKh. The expo earned 12 leading Russian street artists comments voicing consumer society criticism.

Biennale participants’ works auction in RuArtsGallery
September 14
RuArts Gallery
1 Zachatievskiy st., 10

The auction to art-street support organized in cooperation with contemporary arts funding agency RuArts was done in the 1st year street art biennale in «Optics» pavilion at VDNKh. The result of which was sold-out works and nondecreasing interest wave towards street artists among collectors and buyers, the trend of buying painters’ works rooting in street art.

METAFORMS expo in Modern Art Centre MARS
September 1 — October 30
Сenter Mars
Pushkarev Pereulok 5

METAFORMS expo created by ARTMOSPHERE artists spoke to the MARS center visitors will be prolonged as a special street art Biennale project. This is the 1st expo in Russia where virtual reality is used, where modern digital technologies meet street art and illustrating.

«Invisible wall»: the main project of the 2nd street art Biennale ARTMOSPHERE
August 30 — September 9
Central Manege
1, Маnezhnaya Square

This year 42 foreign and 26 Russian artists who have been formed inspired by street art are going to be introduced at the capital’s central exhibition area in Moscow Manege. This will be a multicuratorial project: international curators, museums and galleries are presenting the artists whose main specialty is street art. Each of those is representing that street art layer he or she works with and considers to be interesting to show. The project is of a unique nature– all the works will be made by the artists during art residencies in Moscow.

Discussion in “Tsvetnoy” — «Street artists’ and brands collaboration: to save the freedom or to sell soul to the devil?»
August 27
Tsvetnoy Central Market
15, building 1 Tsvetnoy boulevard

The art doesn’t exist in vacuum and just a few artists can afford working with independent projects only. Many contemporary street-art artists and illustrators successfully cooperate with famous brands performing their ambassadors developing prints, dealing with commercial dressing. What does an artist get and what does he or she have to refuse due to the cooperation?