Sozyone Gonzalez


Pablo Sozyone Gonzalez raised with the joyfulness and sense of humor of a loud pack, in a proud spanish family fleeing the dictatorship of Franco to live in Brussels, where he met his artistic partner Smimooz in 1988, with whom he started tagging and writing the lyrics of what would become the Hip Hop band De Puta Madre. La Voyoucratie (The Gangstacracy), his first visual art project, ended in 2013, dealt with a romanticized universe aromatized with poppy and gunpowder, where the profile of french anarchists in bicycles or the german terrorists of the 70's would have a broken nose and fierce eyes. The End of Times, his new ongoing project describes those moments of ante-apocalypse: a heedless universe where the peaceful characters wander in mass, aimless but alive in the core of a cold city awaiting a terror attack or a destructive wave, phone in hand hoping to immortalize the moment whichever it may be.