Remi Rough

United Kingdom

Born in 1971 in South London, Remi Morgan aka Remi/Rough has been breaking aesthetic boundaries for a quarter century. Transcending the traditional image of a graffiti writer, Remi is passionate and unforgiving about his creative progression over the years. Throughout the eighties he had a role in supporting the evolution of the UK graffiti art scene, and then in the nineties, he became part of the Abstract Graffiti movement, as embodied in the UK by the Ikonoklast Movement crew, with Juice126 and Part2ism.

In 2008, Remi was invited to speak in front of a sell-out auditorium at the Tate Modern, as part of its massive Street Art exhibition. In 2009, Remi and The Agents of Change (including Timid, System, Stormie Mills, Juice 126, and Derm) were given free reign to paint in an abandoned 1970s village dubbed The Ghost Village. This year with some other members of AOC, including Augustine Kofie and Steve More, Remi painted the largest mural ever accomplished in London on the Megaro hotel. He has also worked as a visual consultant for many large clients, such as Red Bull and Nike.