Mariusz M-City Waras (b.1978) Gdynia, Poland. Is a graphic designer, muralist, curator. In 2004 he graduated from a faculty of graphic design of Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk. Since 2015 he manages a street art studio on a faculty of painting and new media in Art Academy of Szczecin, curates a gallery of street art Hoarding Gallery in Gdynia and is a co-curator of a series of large exhibitions of street art in Poland. Works of M-City are concentrated on a city space — it is both the place for the presentation and a frequent subject for reflection. The artist often raises the issue of interaction of the person and machine, the technology and the nature, system and an individual — and consequences of these interactions, finding inspiration in parking of the ships and boats, the factories, hydroelectric power plants, chimneys and cranes which are a part of a landscape of his native seaside city.