Elena Shubentseva

Russian Federation

Artist Lena Shubentseva was born in Yekaterinburg in 1990. She works in various media: from pencil drawing to video art and experiments with sound and light. A graduate of the Ural State Academy of Architecture and Art, participant of numerous contemporary art exhibitions, among them «Space: open» (Sverdlovsk Regional Local Lore Museum, Yekaterinburg, 2011); «1place2″/» (Sverdlovsk Regional Local Lore Museum, Yekaterinburg, 2012, as part of the opening week of the 2nd Ural Industrial Biennial of Contemporary Art); and an exhibition with a title that is an intentional play on words — it can be translated from the Russian as “gender” “floor” or “half” — at the Four Rooms space, and «Gold. Anatomy of a Mine» in the town of Berezovsky.