Claudio Ethos


Ethos was born in São Paulo in 1982 and currently lives and work there. He began putting in work around the age of 15 with spray paint as well as ballpoint pen, which to this day serve as his primary tools.
His large-scale outdoor murals are less impulsive in origin than many of his contemporary’s work, but no less stunning. His flawless conversions of his ballpoint pen drawings, usually from 8.5” x 11” or smaller make absolutely remarkable transitions from paper to concrete, almost as if an image has been transferred from transparency to projector. While using a thread technique, amongst others, the amount of detail with his outdoor portraiture has captured the attention of countless art enthusiasts, his peers, and gallerists around the world. His penchant for replicating to scale the fine details of his ink and pencil drawings onto large walls has become his lasting signature.