Alexey Luka

Russian Federation

Alexey Luka (Luka) is one of the most progressive russian artists started his career with graffiti. Alexey is engaged with art for more than fifteen years: draws on walls and canvases, creates collages, dimensional compositions from wood and other materials, and also digital works in which his style is always unmistakably traced. From 2008 works of Luka were exhibited in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Amsterdam, Lyon, Paris, Portland, Rotterdam and San Francisco.

In the 2014 within the Biennial of Street Art Artmossphera in Moscow Luka had a double exhibition with Dmitry Aske under the name «Long Tomorrow». In the spring 2015 Alexey had the personal exhibition in Wunderkammern gallery in Rome, and in the fall — the group exhibition «Unforeseen Circumstances» in RuArts gallery in which Dmitry Aske, German artist SatOne and Swede artist Finsta have also taken part.