There will be the 2nd Biennale ARTMOSPHERE in Moscow from 30 August to 18 January. It will allow many Moscow citizens to meet iconic world street art representatives during number of months.

The central Biennale event is going to be a group exposition in the enormous Moscow Manege space: it will introduce 26 Russian and 42 foreign artists who were shaped by street art as well as international curators, museums and galleries whose main profile is street art.

Exhibition areas
Institute for Media, Architecture and Design «STRELKA»
August 25
August 25 — August 30
Tsvetnoy Central Market
August 27
Central Manege
August 30 — September 9
Сenter Mars
September 1 — October 30
RuArts Foundation
September 14
VDNH, 64 Pavilion
September 15 — January 18
Dk Tryohgorka
September 24
Backyard at Strastnoy
September 24 — September 25
RuArts Gallery
October 5 — November 5
November 15 — January 18
ZILART Hall ground
November 29 — December 23
Biennale theme

The invisible wall

In 2016, the participants of Artmossphere, the II Moscow International Biennale, will explore the boundaries of personal freedom; the human habit of doubting their abilities, setting limits on new achievements and radical changes, exaggerating the significance of obstacles. The artists will analyze the causes and consequences of self-imposed limits: passivity and inertness, fear of punishment and of innovation, as well as appeal to each person to test on a daily basis the permeability of their own invisible walls, the barriers of self-censorship and lack of confidence, the protective shields of a comfortable environment and inherited social status.

A wall is a metaphor for internal restrictions, but it is also a symbol and natural habitat for the development of street art, a field for self-expression and qualitative transformations.

The project’s mission is to arouse perpetual experimentation, help overcome fears, create one’s own rules, transform obstacles into opportunities. Recalling the experience of graffiti as a school of risk, its adrenaline rush, creative freedom and gamble in the search for an individual style, the street artists call for an active, open dialogue, for constant self-affirmation, systematic re-evaluation of vital reference points and re-examination of self-proclaimed boundaries of personal freedom.

The contemporary world, in which an individual passion and originality mean more than discipline, is ready to turn a solid wall into a window of dialogue, an open and dynamic discussion space. The biennale participants will question the relevance of the defensive functions of invisible walls that separate conventional comfort from the wild streets; in working together, they will attempt to find new and vigorous criteria of creative freedom.

This autumn, the international street art community again will come together in Moscow with the goal of updating the positive purpose of street art as a space for an open demonstration of ideas and endless experimentation in the search for oneself, accentuating the alternative role of a city where walls, fences, trains and entryways serve as an anonymous therapist and confessor, a field diary, a collective public speaker, an uncensored news feed.

Artmossphere 2016 will be taking place under the banner of personal liberation from the excess walls, a call for openness and flexibility of thought, removing barriers of misunderstanding, illuminating destructive prejudices, freeing from shame, fears and doubts, discovering creative energy and desire for mutual intimacy.

Special guests